rear wing spoiler
for Porsche 987 Cayman Mk1/ Mk2




For 23 years we develop, create and produce high quality design body parts for Porsche and Ferrari cars. We also fit them on cars, in our own workshop for our European customers. This is the guarantee they'll easily fit on your car, if the fitting is done by your usual body shop. 

Our factory, and body shop are located near Lyon, in France.
Our city is worldwide famous, for French gastronomy. For foreigner customers, coming to us is a good way to visit one of the nicest places in France.

We work with several international carriers which are able to bring us your car from anywhere in Europe, for a fitting of you wide body sets in our workshop.
We also have customers who shipped their cars from the USA.

We are worldwide famous, for 20 years !

Olivier Jacquemond


Porsche 987 Cayman Rebel' wide body.

 Years 80' and 90'...